e107 to WordPress import plugin v0.7: News and Categories Imported screenshot

I’ve released a new version of my e107 migration script for WordPress. This release is numbered v0.7.

Here is the change-log:

  • Import e107 news categories.

  • Mails can be sent to each user to warn them about their new password. This is the only solution I found to fix the issue about reseted passwords.

  • Thanks to the 2.1 branch of Wordpress, static pages can be set as private. This version of my script use this feature.

  • Private pages also deprecate the questions asked to the user when importing pages. So I deleted those parameters (“Warning 2” on the screenshot) to make the import process easier.

  • Embedded e107 code updated from v0.7.8.

  • Tested with Wordpress 2.1.2.

  • Some little UI imporvements (to match admin UI consistency).

Because of its de-facto standard status, my import script is now packaged as a .zip file. It can be downloaded from its repository.