Three months after the last version, here is a big update of my backup scripts for websites. The script was greatly improved and among new features, the most important is the support of backups over SSH and backups of MySQL databases.

Change log:

  • Each item of the user’s backup_list must specify the type property (FTP, FTPs, SSH, MySQLdump or MySQLdump+ssh).

  • The property previously known as site is now host.

  • File system structure changed: /ftp-mirror folders renamed to /mirror.

  • Add SSH backups.

  • The script is able to detect if a SSH connexion can be initiated without a password. This was designed for people who don’t like the idea of storing clear password in the script. Thanks to this feature, you can benefit public key authentication from OpenSSH.

  • Use of rsync whenever it’s possible for bandwidth efficiency.

  • FTP and FTPs (aka FTP over SSL) are now handled separately: this suppress the default fall-back to FTP if FTPs is not supported by the remote server. This is safer as it doesn’t let lftp make the decision for you to send your clear password on the net.

  • All ports are optionnal, no need to specify it you use default ports.

  • Add MySQL backups thanks to mysqldump.

  • Two mode of MySQL backups: through SSH or direct connection to server.

  • A particular database to backup can be specified. Else, all databases are backed up.

  • Much more detailed logs that include external command’s output.

  • Auto-detect the existence of required external tools and commands at launch.

  • Use pexpect lib to simulate user password input.

  • Run all external commands in english for consistency.

  • Check that the script is running in a posix environnement.

  • Fix bug related to directory creation.

If you were using a previous version of my backup script and want to use this updated version, take care of changes, especially the ones describes in the first 3 items of the change log above.

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