Starting from version 3.5, Konqueror feature an ad blocker mechanism based on regular expressions. Here is a little how-to to help you install an efficient filter set.

  1. Dowload the latest Filterset.G regexp set. The file which contain all rules is located at under the name YYYY-MM-DD.txt .

  2. Go to Settings > Configure Konqueror... menu.

  3. Then go to AdBlock Filters panel (the one on the screenshot).

  4. Check both Enable filters and Hide filtered images options.

  5. Use the Import... button to load the “Filterset.G” file you previoulsy downloaded

  6. Enjoy ad-free web sites!

By the way, I hope to see the feature suggested by Andreas Frische to get some attention by the Konqueror community: it would be nice to have an integrated auto-updater of filter set in Konqueror (and make this how-to deprecated).

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