The story was spread by all top tech blogs last week: Google’s Gmail now features a video chat. And it requires the installation of a dedicated plugin.

Alas, there is no such plugin for any other platform except “Windows XP and later” (according the official website) and Macs (as read on the official blog). So it’s a quite sad news for us Linux users. Indeed, I’m confident about a future seamless integration into the free software ecosystem, as the Gmail’s video chat is based on a stack of open (or soon-to-be, according the recent controversy) standards and protocols: XMPP/Jingle, h264/SVC & RTP.

Anyways, that’s not the main purpose of this post.

I just wanted to point out an update that was not reported by the news: as soon as it was officially made available for the public, the brand new video feature was released for Google Apps’ Gmail too.

Not only that, Google also backported to Apps’ Gmail the much awaited HTTPs option that allow you to force secure encryption of your sessions:

These two updates are quite interesting to note. I long as I remember (and I might be wrong), Google Apps components were always out-of-sync with their legacy equivalent. So this maybe a sign of change in a really good direction for Google Apps users! :)

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