tunnel, xargs

  • Here is the syntax that makes scp support spaces (source):
$ scp foo.com:"/home/fubar/some\ folder/file.txt" ./
  • Copy a bunch of files to a remote server (or how to use find with scp):
$ find /var/log/ -iname "*.log" -type f | xargs -i scp '{}' kevin@myserver:/media/backup/logs/
  • Redirect local 8081 port to proxy.company.com:8080 via a SSH tunnel passing through the authorized-server.company.com machine:
$ ssh -T -N -C -L 8081:proxy.company.com:8080 [email protected]
  • Use rsync over different SSH port (source):
$ rsync --progress -vrae 'ssh -p 8022' /home/user/docs/ bill@server:/home/user/docs/

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