After 3 years in limbo, here is a new stable version of my e107 Importer plugin for WordPress, proudly numbered 1.0! :)

This is the first time this plugin is available on the official WordPress plugin repository. This means easy upgrades for you! :)

I’ve heavily updated the plugin to use the latest WordPress import framework, so everything is now cleanly integrated.

This version was tested with e107 v0.7.24 and WordPress 3.1-RC3.

Here is the changelog:

  • Upgrade e107 code from e107 v0.7.24.
  • Minimal requirement set to WordPress 3.0.0.
  • Use new WordPress importer framework.
  • Add an e107 to WordPress 301 redirector plugin (support news, pages, users and feeds).
  • Disable the URL rewriting feature introduced in v0.9.
  • Make image import optional.
  • Add an option to upload images from allowed domains only.
  • Align naming conventions with other WordPress importer.
  • Add a complete WordPress plugin hosting compatible readme file with full metadatas.
  • Add screenshots.
  • List all versions of e107 and WordPress I tested this plugin with.
  • Add a PayPal donation link.
  • Add a minimal FAQ.
  • Add an overview of features in description.
  • Update source code repository location.
  • Remove patching of Kubrick theme to support comments on static pages.

A note for developpers: the reference code base is now located on GitHub. That’s were all new code must be committed. WordPress’ Subversion repository is only a mirror.

If any question, please read the FAQ first.