A month after the 1.0 release, here is my e107 Importer v1.1 for WordPress!

The biggest new feature is support of e107 forum import to the bbPress WordPress plugin. This plugin is still in alpha and was not released yet. This mean you have to fetch it from its Subversion repository. And be careful to get the recommended version (SVN release 2942).

Because of the experimental status of forum import, the default option of e107 Importer is to not import forums. I decided to include this feature anyway to get feedbacks. So please don’t consider forum import as a highly reliable. It may work for you or may not. And please write detailed bug reports.

Here is a detailed changelog between 1.0 and 1.1:

  • Add import of forums and threads to bbPress WordPress plugin.

  • Parse BBCode and e107 constants in forums and thread.

  • Add forums and threads redirections.

  • Make e107 user import optional. This needs you to set a pre-existing WordPress user that will take ownership of all imported content.

  • Parse BBCode in titles too.

  • Import images embedded in comments and forum threads.

  • Description update of existing users is no longer destructive.

  • Add an entry in the FAQ regarding script ending prematurely.

  • Disable all extra HTML rendering hooks like the one coming from e107 linkwords plugin.

  • Allow news and pages import to be skipped.

  • Add missing news category redirects.

  • Minimal requirement set to WordPress 3.1.

  • Some pages are not tied to a user. In this case, default to the current user.

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