Here is a brand new version of my e107 Importer plugin. This release fix lots of nasty bugs. Better, I added an enhanced BBCode parser which try to clean-up what e107’s parser output. This new parser also try to align the final HTML with what WordPress produce by default.

As usual, my plugin is available on the official WordPress plugin directory.

Here is the detailed changelog:

  • Upgrade e107 code to match latest 0.7.25-rc1.

  • Fix variable bleeding when importing items in batches.

  • Add a new way of handling e107 extended news using WordPress’ excerpts.

  • Parse BBCode and replace e107 constants in news excerpt.

  • Use internal WordPress library (kses) to parse HTML in the image upload step.

  • Do not upload the same images more than once.

  • Add a new enhanced BBCode parser on top of the one from e107. Make it the default parser.

  • Each time we alter the original imported content, we create a post revision.