images, smb, samba, cifs


  • Get the list of all wireless networks reachable by the wlan0 interface:
$ iwlist wlan0 scanning | grep ESSID
  • Get some informations about open ports:
$ netstat --taupen
$ netstat --lapute
  • Watch network activity in real-time:
$ watch -n 1 "lsof -i"
  • Reboot machine if the host doesn’t reply to at least one ping after 15 attemps or 600 seconds:
$ ping -c 15 -o -t 600 || shutdown -r now

Domain names

  • Get the IP address where a domain points to:
$ host
  • Get different kind of DNS records of the domain:
$ dig CNAME
$ dig MX

Content inspection

  • Save all images passing through eth0:
$ driftnet -i eth0 -a -d ./http-pics

Samba / CIFS

  • Mount a samba share:
$ mkdir /mnt/freebox
$ mount_smbfs -I //Guest@/Disque\ 1/ /mnt/freebox