A month after the last one, here is a brand new version of my e107 Importer, numbered 1.3.

This version add loads of polishing and is not far from being feature-complete. I think I’m reaching the end of the active development of this plugin. I don’t see the need to add new features.

I also feel this way because last week, I succeeded in moving to WordPress all news and pages from the old e107’s Cool Cavemen website. I now only need to import all forums to definitively get rid of e107 from my life. At that point, I will declare the plugin no longer active. This mean I will no longer update it, but will still integrate code other developers are willing to contribute.

Before that happen, I will of course release one or two revisions of this plugin in the next few months. But expect bug fixes and tiny enhancements, not big new features.

That being said, here is the changelog of the brand new e107 Importer 1.3:

  • Upgrade embedded e107 code with latest 0.7.25.

  • Redirect imported images to attachments.

  • Purge invalid mapping entries on import.

  • Replace old e107 URLs in content by new WordPress permalinks.

  • Allow both imported and already-existing content to by updated with new permalinks.

  • Let user specify the list of e107 forums to import.

  • Phased imports should work without major problems.

Finally, while cleaning up my home folder, I stumble upon this old screenshot of dash‘s old e107 site. This is what its maintenance page looked like the day she initiated the transition to WordPress using my script: