Home Server Hardware for NAS

I live with a scientific data-hoarder. Last month I discovered a stash of old HDDs ranging from 320 GB to 3 TB spanning a period of 15 years. I was horrified by the high probability of loosing all that data to mechanical failure, bit-rot or shear bad luck.

I can …

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macOS commands

  • List available PluginKit¬†extensions:

    $ pluginkit -mAvvv
  • Get infos on a PluginKit¬†extensions:

    $ pluginkit -m -v -i com.agilebits.onepassword7.1PasswordSafariAppExtension
  • Enable a PluginKit¬†extensions:

    $ pluginkit -e use -i com.agilebits.onepassword7.1PasswordSafariAppExtension
  • List non-system kernel extensions currently¬†loaded:

    $ kextstat | grep -v
  • Install Steam in a case-insensitive disk image ‚Ķ

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