New Repository for Mandriva 2006

Hi all!

I’ve created a RPM repository on this site to deposit third-party software I found all around the net. At that time, available packages are Wormux v0.7 and Baghira v0.7.

To add the repository to your urpmi database, in a terminal, do as root:

$ urpmi.addmedia …
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A/v Sync Problems: VLC Better Than Mencoder

Today I tried to transcode a bunch of videos using my favorite script. I need to do this because the videos produced with my cheap camera use Mjpeg as video codec and raw-data as audio codec. This result of incredible large files. To share my videos with friends, I transcode …

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Quelques Mots en Wolof…

Juste quelques mots en Wolof que j’ai appris aujourd’hui:

  • [beu soubeu] -> a demain

  • [beu lundi] -> a lundi

  • [kokala] -> qui c’est ? (aggressif)

Aprés la korité, aprés la tabaski, on se souhaite la bonne année:

  • personne 1: [dewenati] -> bonne année

  • personne 2: [fakeldewan] -> a l’année prochaine !

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