Kevin Deldycke - BeautifoulSoup Yak ShaverTue, 08 Jul 2008 00:24:26 +0200Python Ultimate Regular Expression to Catch HTML Tags<p>_<strong>Disclaimer</strong>: this is a dirty hack! To parse <span class="caps">HTML</span> or <span class="caps">XML</span>, use a dedicated library like the good old <a href=""><code>BeautifoulSoup</code></a> or <a href=""><code>lxml.html</code></a>.</p> <p>1 year and 3 months ago I&rsquo;ve came with a <a href=""><span class="caps">PHP</span> regexp to parse <span class="caps">HTML</span> tag soup</a>.</p> <p>Here is an improved version, in Python (my …</p>Kevin DeldyckeTue, 08 Jul 2008 00:24:26,2008-07-08:/2008/07/python-ultimate-regular-expression-to-catch-html-tags/HTMLprogrammingPythonRegular expressionBeautifoulSouplxml