Kevin Deldycke - lint Yak ShaverTue, 18 Dec 2012 12:30:05 +0100How-To Clean and Tidy Up OpenERP’s XML<p>Based on internal metrics, half of the OpenERP custom code I produce for my customers is Python. The other half is <span class="caps">XML</span> (<em>sigh</em>).</p> <p>If Python is well-equiped to enforce coding styles (thanks to <a href="">pep8</a>, <a href="">pyflakes</a>, <a href="">pylint</a> and <a href="">the</a> <a href="">likes</a>), it&rsquo;s another story for <span class="caps">XML</span>. After some investigations and experiments …</p>Kevin DeldyckeTue, 18 Dec 2012 12:30:05,2012-12-18:/2012/12/how-to-clean-tidy-openerp-xml/CLIlintLinuxOpenERPxmlXSLTERP