Creepy Night Dive at Nemo 33 thumbnail

Creepy Night Dive at Nemo 33

Documentary 2015

Aldabra Giant Tortoise (world's largest) thumbnail

Aldabra Giant Tortoise (world's largest)

Documentary 2014

<em>Style 59</em> — Cool Cavemen thumbnail

Style 59 — Cool Cavemen

Music Video 2014

Seychelles Scuba Diving thumbnail

Seychelles Scuba Diving

Documentary 2014

Whale Shark - Seychelles thumbnail

Whale Shark - Seychelles

Documentary 2014

Omashay - Live in TGV thumbnail

Omashay - Live in TGV

Live Music 2013

Nemo 33: World's Deepest Pool thumbnail

Nemo 33: World's Deepest Pool

Documentary 2013

Glitch drummer thumbnail

Glitch drummer

Live music 2013

10227 thumbnail


Narrative 2013

Color grading of <em>10227</em> thumbnail

Color grading of 10227

Documentary 2013

<em>Tale of Two</em> — Omashay thumbnail

Tale of Two — Omashay

Painting timelapse.

Music video 2013

<em>Goodnight</em> — Omashay thumbnail

Goodnight — Omashay

When original hand-drawing meet artificial slow-motion.

Music video 2013

The making of <em>Where is she?</em> thumbnail

The making of Where is she?

Documentary 2012

20m Scuba Diving Pool thumbnail

20m Scuba Diving Pool

First dive of my life at 20m.

Documentary 2012

Mel+Tom Wedding Entrance thumbnail

Mel+Tom Wedding Entrance

Narrative 2012

Color grading of <em>Where is she?</em> thumbnail

Color grading of Where is she?

Documentary 2012

<em>Where is she?</em> — Omashay thumbnail

Where is she? — Omashay

A postcard of Paris I shot in 2 days.

Music video 2012

Making of <em>Burlesque Burgrary</em> thumbnail

Making of Burlesque Burgrary

Documentary 2012

<em>Burlesque Burglary</em> (multicam) thumbnail

Burlesque Burglary (multicam)

Simulated multi-camera version of the official video.

Music video 2012

Cool Cavemen, MJC de Douai thumbnail

Cool Cavemen, MJC de Douai

A night in the backstages with Cool Cavemen.

Documentary 2012

4m² thumbnail


Why all the narratives I work on have to end in tears?

Narrative 2012

Tomasito's Sax Solo in the Park thumbnail

Tomasito's Sax Solo in the Park

Those cavemen can't go outside without being noticed.

Live music 2012

Cute Newborn Kids (Baby Goats) thumbnail

Cute Newborn Kids (Baby Goats)

My only attempt at a cutexploitation film.

Documentary 2012

<em>Burlesque Burglary</em> — Cool Cavemen thumbnail

Burlesque Burglary — Cool Cavemen

My first one-man project: entirely directed, shot and edited by yours truly.

Music video 2012

<em>Radio Concert Intro</em> — Cool Cavemen thumbnail

Radio Concert Intro — Cool Cavemen

Remix 2011

<em>Belgique mon Namurrr</em> — Cool Cavemen thumbnail

Belgique mon Namurrr — Cool Cavemen

I am the Judge Dredd of concerts. I am the light!

Live music 2011

<em>Nichrome</em>'s outtakes — Cool Cavemen thumbnail

Nichrome's outtakes — Cool Cavemen

Documentary 2011

<em>Nichrome</em> (preview) — Cool Cavemen thumbnail

Nichrome (preview) — Cool Cavemen

The only evidence that Cool Cavemen still has unreleased songs.

Music video 2011

<em>Drunk Dream</em> (acoustic) — Cool Cavemen thumbnail

Drunk Dream (acoustic) — Cool Cavemen

Can you believe they managed to shoot that video upside-down?

Live music 2011

<em>Wish you looked at me</em> — Omashay thumbnail

Wish you looked at me — Omashay

Music video 2011

Trapped in Freedom at Garage Café thumbnail

Trapped in Freedom at Garage Café

Live music 2011

MIDI-controlled graphics thumbnail

MIDI-controlled graphics

Quartz Composer, a MacBook and a Behringer BCF-2000.

Motion graphics 2010

Quartz Composer experiments thumbnail

Quartz Composer experiments

Motion graphics 2010

Kaleidoscope series thumbnail

Kaleidoscope series

My first steps into Quartz Composer.

Motion graphics 2010

<em>Info TGV</em>: Android app by Uperto thumbnail

Info TGV: Android app by Uperto

Corporate 2010

Le Duc Factory at HappyFarmFest thumbnail

Le Duc Factory at HappyFarmFest

Live music 2010

Cool Cavemen at Gayant Expo thumbnail

Cool Cavemen at Gayant Expo

A crowd of 3000 persons. My biggest concert as a lighting designer. I'll be forever grateful to my band for this amazing oportunity.

Live music 2010

<em>Fusion</em> — Cool Cavemen thumbnail

Fusion — Cool Cavemen

Live music 2008

<em>Kinda Country</em> — Cool Cavemen thumbnail

Kinda Country — Cool Cavemen

This was shot on DSLR. Nothing exceptional. But there is a twist: we were in 2007. I was definitely ahead of the curve.

Live music 2007