Inspired by a Hacker News comment, and to perfectly complement the curated list of Awesome Falsehoods Programmers Believe in I maintain on the side, here is a glorious list of meta falsehoods:


  1. Falsehoods are true.
  2. Falsehoods are false.
  3. Falsehoods are universal.
  4. Falsehoods do not change with time.
  5. There’s only one way to express a falsehood.
  6. No falsehoods overlap another.
  7. There are no falsehoods which are mutually exclusive.
  8. A falsehood correspond to a real-world usage.

Falsehood Lists

  1. All falsehoods can be listed.
  2. Falsehood lists are a new trend.
  3. Falsehood lists are regularly updated.
  4. There exists a falsehoods list that is entirely true.
  5. Falsehood lists covers one subject.
  6. Falsehood lists are terse.
  7. Falsehood lists are illustrated with counter-examples.
  8. Falsehood lists follow the same format.
  9. Falsehood lists are sorted.
  10. Falsehoods in lists are numbered.


  • Every falsehood should be accounted for.
  • Every falsehood can be accounted for.
  • Making your code compatible with a falsehood doesn’t come with a price.
  • Falsehoods are addressed by standards.


  • Only widely believed falsehoods are listed.
  • Falsehood lists are for programmers.
  • Falsehood lists are written by programmers.
  • Falsehood lists are written by people with expertise in the matter.
  • Reading falsehoods lists make you a better programmer.
  • Reading falsehoods lists make you an expert.
  • Writing falsehoods lists make you a better programmer.
  • Writing falsehoods lists make you an expert.
  • Writer of falsehood lists are immune to their edicted falsehoods.
  • Compiling falsehoods lists make you a better programmer.
  • There are programmers who do not believe in any falsehood.
  • Only programmers are subjected to falsehoods.
  • Programmers can change their beliefs.
  • Discussing falsehoods is never a waste of time.


  • This list of falsehoods doesn’t apply to itself.
  • This list exists.

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