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Theme of this blog for 2013 and onward.

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Maomium drawings

2011-2012 theme of this blog, based on TwentyTen then TwentyEleven.

Cool Cavemen 2009 thumbnail

Cool Cavemen 2009

K2 style designed with QPX for the Multipolar-era website of Cool Cavemen.

Drupify fork thumbnail

Drupify fork

Fork of the Drupify theme for Cool Cavemen's online shop.

Cool Blue thumbnail

Cool Blue

  • WordPress
  • CSS

2009-2010 theme of this blog, based on K2.

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Sapphire for K2

  • WordPress
  • CSS

K2 port of legacy Sapphire theme by Michael Martine.

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  • WordPress
  • CSS

Simple style for K2.

Cool Cavemen e107 themes thumbnail

Cool Cavemen e107 themes

Collection of themes created between 2004 and 2008 for Cool Cavemen.

Funky Storm themes thumbnail

Funky Storm themes

Web sites variations for my band Funky Storm between 2002 and 2004.