My name is Kevin Deldycke, I’m a Data Engineer living in Paris, France.

I’m working at Scaleway, a cloud platform delivering on-demand bare-metal compute instances, and all the associated services.

I’m designing and implementing data-crunching pipelines to manage the operationnal and business aspects of the infrastructure.

This involves working daily with Python (my language of choice since 2003), Pandas, Cassandra, Spark, PostgreSQL and the likes.

Before joining Scaleway, I spent several years writing and shipping business software in various industries such as banking, retail, consulting, energy, transport and government agencies.

I graduated with a Master’s in Software and Industrial Engineering from École Centrale de Lille‘s IG2I department.



If my appalling attempts to impress with the babbling above did not worked, you may be thrilled by the following soporific information on my professional background:

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Resumes, CVs and profiles above are heavy on irrelevant details. And that’s absolutely intentional. I designed these to form an extensive professional activities database. Not as resume per se. So feel free to pick there data you need to fill in your talent database and please ignore the rest.

About This Site

This place is an evolving notebook where I deposit tiny pieces of knowledge (knowledgelets?) I generate in my personal and professional activities.

Everything’s in English as a way to practice, and to make my knowledge available to the largest audience. It’s not my mother tongue and you’ll surely find mistakes. If you do, please be kind enough to comment on the blog (or better, send a pull-request) so I can quickly fix errors. I sometimes write in French to target a French-speaking audience.

This blog was previously titled coolkevmen. This is the nickname under which I appear in the credits of the All Cool Hits album, by my friends the Cool Cavemen.

Previous versions of this blog featured artwork by Jim from Maomium.