I provide hosting for free to some of my friends. One of them, QPX , had a side project called Lich’ti . But the latter is no longer active, so he decided to not renew the lich-ti.fr domain.

If the Lich’ti domain name is dead, QPX’s personal blog is not. His website is powered by WordPress and was available at https://qpx.lich-ti.fr . My job is now to move it to https://qpx.coolcavemen.com . In this post, I’ll tell you how I’ve done it.

Before going further, backup everything, and be ready to revert back to your original situation at any moment! What works for me will not necessary works for you…

To play nice with your visitors, you can setup a temporary maintenance page while we’re performing the migration.

Let’s start the migration by replacing, in the files served by Apache, all occurrences of the old domain name by the new one:

$ find /var/www/qpx-blog -mount -print -type f -exec sed -i 's/qpx.lich-ti.fr/qpx.coolcavemen.com/g' "{}" \;

If you have doubts about the efficiency of the command above, you can check the presence of the string we’re looking to replace via this command:

$ grep -RIi "qpx.lich-ti.fr" ./*

Then, we dump the database containing all WordPress content and config to a local file (the command will prompt for password):

$ mysqldump -p --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=root --opt --databases "qpx_blog" > qpx_dump.sql

And we replace all strings of the old domain by the new one:

$ sed 's/qpx.lich-ti.fr/qpx.coolcavemen.com/g' qpx_dump.sql > new_qpx.sql

Finally, we re-inject the modified database content after clearing the original:

$ mysql -p --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=root --execute='DROP DATABASE `qpx_blog`;'
$ mysql -p --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=root < new_qpx.sql

Now you can disable the maintenance page and test the blog to check nothing’s broken.

Again, to play nice with your visitors (and search engines), you can redirect old URLs to the new domain, with apache directives similar to this one:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName qpx.lich-ti.fr
    RedirectMatch permanent (.*) http://qpx.coolcavemen.com$1