After WebPing last week , here is another release of Open-Source code. This time it’s my boilerplate codebase I created to integrate some Python components with the goal of publishing OpenERP content on the web.

This stack is composed of:

  • CherryPy to serve web content,

  • Mako for HTML templating,

  • Formish for HTML form generation and validation,

  • OOOP to talk to OpenERP server via web services.

This project contains the experiments I did while working at Smile , when I explored the possibility of integrating these components. This code was a proof-of-concept that we leveraged later for a highly specific OpenERP project.

Because of the highly experimental nature of this project, it contains lots of stupid and failed attempts. The whole code base should be thoroughly cleaned up before it can be considered reusable.

All that code is available in a GitHub repository , under a GPL v2 license  .