In OpenERP 6.1, the default search widget for dates and floats no longer feature a range  :

This was uncovered by users in the community . But it’s not a bug, it’s a feature , a design decision.

Worse, datetime search field in OpenERP 6.1 no longer let you set the time  :

To fix these issues, I’ve created web_smile_search_range a module which is available since 2012, but I never advertised it on this blog.

This module is based on an open-source addon from Credativ . I extended the later to:

  • Replace single date , datetime and float search fields to a range.

  • Allow selection of time in datetime search fields.

Thus restoring the default behavior from OpenERP 6.0 that was ditched in 6.1.

And if you need to dig deeper in the code, you’ll quickly find out that the core of the module lie in the search.js file , which extend in Javascript the search fields models of our interests.