Last time I mentioned my Package Manager Plugin , it was a simple standalone Python script for BitBar  .

The BitBar plugin is still actively maintained , but all its core functionalities are now provided by an independent Python module: Meta Package Manager . The latest version, 2.3.0, has recently been released  .

This Python module also install a new CLI called mpm , which aims to provide a unified interface to all package managers, on all 3 major platforms (macOS, Linux and Windows).

This is both ambitious and silly.

Ambitious because there is too many package managers out there, all with their own idiosyncrasies. So much that I had to compile a list of Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Package Managers  .

And silly because, well, mpm actually tries to implement an XKCD joke:

XKCD #1654

Of course another classic XKCDs might apply to this endeavor: Standards  .

So while I wait for someone to write a meta-meta-package-manager, the project is open to contributions on GitHub  .