Plumage 0.5 and 0.6 released

After more than a year in stasis, I just released both version 0.5 and version 0.6 of my Plumage theme for Pelican.

Why the sudden burst of activity you might ask ? Well, I noticed during last months that some fellow Pelican-ista were still using my theme. And I ...

How-to simplify Amazon affiliate links

From the beginning on this blog, I’m using the long-form of URLs for Amazon referrals. Here’s one for the GoPro Hero3 in HTML:

My brand new <a href=" ...

dotfiles for OSX and Kubuntu

It’s finally time to announce the availability of all my dotfiles on GitHub. I’ve started the project 2 months ago and now things are stable enough to publish this blog post.

It’s an hybrid repository which support both OSX and Kubuntu. This collection of configuration files are ...