One of my best friend was just married this year, and to participate to this huge event, I helped him create a video for its wedding entrance. It’s a video postcard of Paris with close friends and family.

I shot the video in a week-end (plus an extra afternoon), at 24 fps in 1080p, with the following equipment:

It was the first time I used my Glidecam, and the Tokina 11-16mm is a good match for this hand-held stabilizer:

There’s 4 long takes in the video. The third was the most challenging, as I had to climb the stairs while following the action.

You’ll notice that some movements are too fast and some others are wobbly. Probably because my gear was not well balanced, mainly because I didn’t had enough practice at the time. But it doesn’t hurt the final result and I’m impressed by what some simple SteadyCam shots bring to the project. My Glidecam was a wise investment! :)

If I shot the whole video, the groom and his brother did the audio mix and video edit. Kudos to them! :)