Klotho inducedĀ longevity

It all started with a string of people telling me how I looked younger than my age. Shaving my beard didnā€™t helpĀ either. Then a friend was mocking me on how childish I appears on some of my last photos. And was jocking I might be affected by a ā€¦
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Iā€™m a HotĀ Developer

Just earned my bragging rights last month, with my Awesome List of Falsehoods Programmers Believe in . Hereā€™s my repository, at the top of theĀ charts: It was the direct effect of getting to the front page of Hacker News Ā . All that attention made me the top developer on GitHub ā€¦
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Plumage 0.9Ā released

Nine months in the making, here is version 0.9 of my Plumage theme forĀ Pelican. Main change is the long awaited upgrade from Bootstrap 2.x toĀ 3.x. For more details, see the changelog .
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