As you probably don’t know, I’m the webmaster (this word sounds so 90’s…) of the Cool Cavemen Band website , which is powered by e107 Content Managment System . Unfortunately we started some months ago to get lots of comment spams (at least 10 per day), and the number of them keeps increasing . Another site I host and manage, Maomium , is also invaded by spammers .

Beside this, I run this blog, powered by Wordpress , since april ‚Äė06 and thanks to the Akismet anti-spam plug-in , my comments are free of viagra and porn links. To get the benefits of such a plug-in, I decided to‚Ķ write an Akismet plug-in for e107‚Ķ migrate from e107 to¬†Wordpress.

Akismet was the main reason, but here are the 3 others:

  • Wordpress has friendly URLs , which is great from a search engine optimisation point of¬†view;

  • Wordpress has XML - RPC ping , to publish posts to popular sites like Feed Burner , Feedster , Technorati and much more (= faster and easier content spreading through the¬†net);

  • Wordpress community is bigger, than the e107 one, which mean more plugins, more themes, bigger dynamics regarding code and security¬†updates.

By doing this migration, I expect to have :

  • a spam free¬†site,
  • well-indexed¬†content,
  • a better spreading of Cool Cavemen‚Äôs news and¬†activities.

On the other hand, this migration make me loose some features :

  • Forums
  • Image¬†Gallery
  • Newsletters
  • Event¬†Calendar

Even if those features are not built-in in Wordpress, I expect to find some plug-ins to fill the gap (I’ll probably post the result of my investigations on that blog).

To conclude, I would like to thanks the whole e107 team for their impressive and hard work. I would also like to thank members of the e107 community who helped me to resolve bugs and problems. I enjoyed my 2 years as e107 user, but my needs changed and to reflects this I had to change softwares too. Sorry e107!

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