As you probably don’t know, I’m the webmaster (this word sounds so 90’s…) of the Cool Cavemen Band website, which is powered by e107 Content Management System. Unfortunately we started some months ago to get lots of comment spams (at least 10 per day), and the number of them keeps increasing. Another site I host and manage, Maomium, is also invaded by spammers.

Beside this, I run this blog, powered by Wordpress, since april ‘06 and thanks to the Akismet anti-spam plug-in, my comments are free of viagra and porn links. To get the benefits of such a plug-in, I decided to… write an Akismet plug-in for e107… migrate from e107 to Wordpress.

Akismet was the main reason, but here are the 3 others:

  • Wordpress has friendly URLs, which is great from a search engine optimisation point of view;

  • Wordpress has XML-RPC ping, to publish posts to popular sites like Feed Burner, Feedster, Technorati and much more (= faster and easier content spreading through the net);

  • Wordpress community is bigger, than the e107 one, which mean more plugins, more themes, bigger dynamics regarding code and security updates.

By doing this migration, I expect to have :

  • a spam free site,

  • well-indexed content,

  • a better spreading of Cool Cavemen’s news and activities.

On the other hand, this migration make me loose some features :

  • Forums

  • Image Gallery

  • Newsletters

  • Event Calendar

Even if those features are not built-in in Wordpress, I expect to find some plug-ins to fill the gap (I’ll probably post the result of my investigations on that blog).

To conclude, I would like to thanks the whole e107 team for their impressive and hard work. I would also like to thank members of the e107 community who helped me to resolve bugs and problems. I enjoyed my 2 years as e107 user, but my needs changed and to reflects this I had to change software too. Sorry e107!