ZenPhoto to WordPress Migration

For years I was using ZenPhoto to host my photo galleries. Now WordPress has made enough improvements in media management to make ZenPhoto redundant for my simple needs. So I’ve just create a Python script to transfer ZenPhoto content to WordPress. It browse the MySQL database of a ZenPhoto …
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Announcing Matrix Widget for OpenERP 6.0

For about a year I’m working on a prototype of a matrix widget for OpenERP. This component was sponsored by my employer Smile and is currently used in production by two customers. The code is available on GitHub under an OpenSource license. The matrix widget looks like what you …
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New music video: Where is she?

The last music video I worked on these past few months was just released. Here is Where is she? an original song from Omashay , the side-project of Cool Cavemen’s saxophonist  :
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