Meta Package ManagerĀ v2.3.0

Last time I mentioned my Package Manager Plugin, it was a simple standalone Python script for BitBar . The BitBar plugin is still actively maintained , but all its core functionalities are now provided by an independent Python module: Meta Package Manager. The latest version, 2.3.0, has recently been released ā€¦
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Falsehoods Programmers Believe About FalsehoodsĀ Lists

Inspired by a Hacker News comment, and to perfectly complement the curated list of Awesome Falsehoods Programmers Believe in I maintain on the side, here is a glorious list of metaĀ falsehoods: FalsehoodsĀ¶ Falsehoods areĀ true. Falsehoods areĀ false. Falsehoods areĀ universal. Falsehoods do not change withĀ time. Thereā€™s ā€¦
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maildir-deduplicate 2.0.0Ā released

Just released maildir-deduplicate v2.0.0! This is a complete refactor which should improve maintainability for the future. It also addresses some shortcomings related to deletionĀ strategies. Read the full changelog here .
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