How-to add proxy support to Feedalizer ruby library

Here is a little code snippet which monkey-patch Feedalizer to let it grab web content through a HTTP proxy: # HTTP proxy settings HTTP_PROXY_HOST = "123.456.78.90" HTTP_PROXY_PORT = 8080 # Calculate proxy URL HTTP_PROXY_URL = "http://#{HTTP_PROXY_HOST}:#{HTTP_PROXY_PORT}" # Monkey patch feedalizer to support page grabbing through a proxy require 'feedalizer' class Feedalizer …
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Python ultimate regular expression to catch HTML tags

!!! alert alert-warning “Disclaimer” This is a dirty hack! To parse HTML or XML, use a dedicated library like the good old: - [`BeautifoulSoup`]( - [`lxml.html`]( 1 year and 3 months ago I’ve came with a PHP regexp to parse …
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I wrote the best Open-Source Payroll Software of the world!

… at least according Smile , a French consulting company. They studied Open-Source ERPs in their latest white paper. It is available for download here . And here is what they said about ERP5 at page 77: ERP5 va même jusqu’à gérer les paies alors qu’aucun autre ERP libre n’est …
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