RPM, Urpmi & Yum commands

RPM List all installed packages: $ rpm -qa Get the list of all installed packages and their architecture: $ rpm -qa --queryformat "%-40{NAME} %-8{ARCH}\n" Same as above, but show i586 packages only: $ rpm -qa --queryformat "%-40{NAME} %-8{ARCH}\n" | grep i586 Downgrade a package to an old version 

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i18n / l10n commands

Check a .po file: $ msgfmt -c -v -o /dev/null file.po Wipe out a .po file and keep only translated messages: $ msgattrib --translated -o cleaned.po messy.po Delete duplicate messages in a .po file: $ msguniq -o no_duplicate.po duplicate_content.po Show differences between two .po files (thanks to 

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