Here is a collection of articles I wrote during the past year. Together they form a guide that will let you setup a full-featured Debian server. All of these tutorials are based on the recent work I did to setup my personal server on Debian Squeeze.

These articles are independent with each other, meaning you can pick the one your interested in to customize your server and ignore the others.

  1. Setup SMART monitoring tool for HDDs.

  2. Setup Nut to manage the UPS.

  3. Setup Duplicity and Amazon S3 for cloud-based backups.

  4. Setup Exim to relay mails via Gmail.

  5. Setup cron-apt to keep our distribution up to date.

  6. Add a fail2ban  daemon.

  7. Setup Munin to monitor our machine.

  8. Basic setup of Nginx + PHP-FPM + MySQL web stack.

  9. Optimizing Nginx + PHP-FPM + MySQL for performances.

  10. Setup PHP APC op-code cache.

  11. Install haveged to get lots of entropy.

  12. Setup a WebDAVs server with Lighttpd.

  13. Setup Mailman + Nginx + Exim for mailing-lists.

  14. Mailman mailing-list migration and merging  .