How to Convert a Png image to a Website Icon (favicon)

I know how to convert a bitmap image to a website icon, thanks to the following one-line linux command: $ bmptoppm favicon.bmp | ppmtowinicon -output favicon.ico This will convert the favicon.bmp file to favicon.ico. Today I needed to do the same with a Png file as input. After …
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e107 to Wordpress Importer: v0.2 with bbcode support

Here is the second alpha release of my e107 to Wordpress import plug-in. This release add bbcode support to news content, based on original code from the e107 project. This mean that all your e107 news that use bbcode will be automattically transformed in pure html code to fit in …
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Konqueror config file: disable menu bar

To disable the menu bar in konqueror, you have a specific action in menus. If you want to do this by hand, just add the following directive in your ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc file: [KonqMainWindow] MenuBar=Disabled This tip is interesting because you can also apply it for any KDE …
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