Dec. 31
LibreOffice templates: Blue Curve & Fancy Window Frame
Dec. 18
How-to clean and tidy up OpenERP’s XML
Dec. 04
Nov. 27
Linux GoPro HD Hero2 Firmware Upgrade
Nov. 20
20m Scuba Diving Pool
Nov. 13
Wedding Entrance: Video Postcard of Paris
Nov. 06
Cool Cavemen at Gayant Expo: production notes
Oct. 30
How-To transfer bbPress content to plain WordPress objects
Oct. 23
Ultimate Gmail backup with Gmvault
Oct. 16
Kdenlive Fundraising Campaign Tee-Shirt
Oct. 09
How-to create a local copy of a remote SVN repository
Oct. 02
Converting a bbPress Forum to a Mailbox Archive
Sep. 25
PADI Open Water Diver
Sep. 18
ZenPhoto to WordPress Migration
Sep. 11
Merging back Git changes to an outdated Subversion fork
Sep. 04 : Ingest Raw Text Files and Produce a Mailbox
Aug. 28
Announcing Matrix Widget for OpenERP 6.0
Aug. 21
New music video: Where is she?
Aug. 07
Keep a Local Backup of Gmail thanks to mbsync
Jul. 31
How-To map a non-US domain name to a blog
Jul. 17
Displaying Upcoming Events from a Google Calendar in Javascript
Jul. 10
Behind the Scenes of Burlesque Burglary music video
Jul. 03
OVH: configuration du modem Thomson TG-585 en IPoE
Jun. 05
Burlesque Burglary music video: Production Notes
May. 29
Hacking OpenERP 6.0 User Interface with Javascript
May. 22
Kdenlive fundraising campaign: a tremendous success!
May. 15
How-To Backup Gmail with OfflineImap
May. 08
VirtualBox commands
May. 01
JavaScript commands
Apr. 24
Increase OpenERP 6.0 web-client session timeout
Apr. 17
How-to add a warning banner to OpenERP’s web client
Apr. 10
Check Point’s SNX client on Ubuntu 11.04
Apr. 03
Beautify Contextual Related Posts WordPress plugin
Mar. 27
Video summary of latest Cool Cavemen’s concert
Mar. 20
I contributed $200 to Kdenlive and you should too!
Mar. 13
4m² : the first short I worked on
Mar. 06
Dump, backup and restore a PostgreSQL database
Feb. 28
Stabilizing Cute Baby Goats
Feb. 21
How-to monkey-patch OpenERP’s native Javascript
Jan. 31
How-to generate PDF from Markdown
Jan. 24
Burlesque Burglary music video released
Jan. 17
Reusing vintage footage for Cool Cavemen’s concert intro
Jan. 03
Windows glitches
Dec. 27
Auto-advance WordPress’ TwentyEleven showcase slides
Dec. 20
Increase Dropbox free capacity with Google AdWords
Dec. 13
WordPress commands
Dec. 06
Live Browser : a Python web app using Microsoft Live Connect API
Dec. 01
Nichrome Preview (and Behind the Scene) video
Nov. 08
GPG & OpenSSL commands
Nov. 01
Bazaar commands
Oct. 25
PostgreSQL commands
Oct. 18
Installation Guide for a full-featured Debian server
Oct. 11
How-to merge Mailman mailing-lists
Oct. 04
Mailman migration
Sep. 27
How-to setup Mailman + Nginx + Exim on Debian Squeeze
Sep. 20
My Nginx + PHP-FPM + MySQL configuration
Sep. 13
Cloud-based Server Backups with Duplicity and Amazon S3
Sep. 06
How-to fix Flash on Kubuntu
Aug. 30
How I Open-Sourced an Internal Corporate Project (WebPing)
Aug. 23
CherryPy + Mako + Formish + OOOP boilerplate
Aug. 16
WebPing Open-sourced!
Aug. 09
Better Entropy on a Debian Squeeze server
Aug. 02
$50 coupon for 23andMe
Jul. 26
Lighttpd-powered WebDAVs server on Debian Squeeze
Jul. 19
PHP APC on Debian Squeeze with Munin monitoring
Jul. 12
Making of Omashay‚Äôs ‚ÄúWish You Looked at Me‚ÄĚ music¬†video
Jul. 05
e107 Importer plugin for WordPress v1.4 released!
Jun. 28
Nginx + PHP-FPM + MySQL on a Debian Squeeze server
Jun. 21
Configuring Fail2Ban on Debian Squeeze
Jun. 14
Cool Cavemen WebDesign Retrospective
Jun. 06
Using Munin to monitor a Debian Squeeze server
May. 31
MGE Ellipse 750 UPS on Debian Squeeze
May. 24
Keep a Debian fresh thanks to cron-apt
May. 17
Setting up HDD’s SMART monitoring on Debian Squeeze
May. 09
e107 Importer v1.3 released
May. 03
How-to use GMail to send mails from Debian Squeeze
Apr. 18
FTT Migration from Subversion to Git
Apr. 11
Network commands
Apr. 05
e107 Importer 1.2 is out, with an enhanced BBCode parser.
Mar. 28
Feed Tracking Tool released under an Open-Source license
Mar. 21
Why I chose Ubercart instead of Magento or osCommerce.
Mar. 14
Fixing messed-up encoding in MySQL
Mar. 07
I’m Top 1% Open-Source Developer! (and that’s a lie)
Mar. 01
e107 Importer 1.1 available!
Feb. 21
Kubuntu 10.10 on Sony Vaio VPC-S12C5E
Feb. 14
Pushing Git to Subversion: the case of WordPress plugin repository
Feb. 08
Trapped in Freedom: live at Garage Café
Feb. 01
Moving a Git sub-tree to its own repository
Jan. 24
e107 Importer WordPress plugin v1.0 released!
Jan. 18
New blog header and tiny WordPress theme customizations
Jan. 11
Apache commands
Jan. 04
Python commands
Dec. 28
Apple iPhone 3G bugs gallery
Dec. 20
MIDI-controlled Text Zoom in Quartz Composer
Dec. 14
Quartz Composer & Behringer BCF-2000 MIDI controller tests
Dec. 08
Comment supprimer des comptes mails secondaires
Dec. 01
Automate Trac instance deployment with Buildout
Nov. 23
Using latest stable Kdenlive with a development version of MLT
Nov. 16
Simple video backdrop with Quartz Composer
Nov. 09
Flame & Snow, using Quartz Composer particle system
Nov. 02
Sharp scan-lines & Squared lava-lamp
Oct. 30
75‚ā¨ de publicit√© offerte sur Google¬†AdWords
Oct. 25
Kaleidoscope #001 and #002
Oct. 19
2 x iFixit $5 voucher
Oct. 15
Export Quartz Composer to video
Oct. 07
Mercurial commands
Sep. 29
Making of ‚ÄúInfo TGV‚ÄĚ Android app¬†video
Sep. 16
How-to extract data trapped into an iPhone
Sep. 09
Ultimate guide of Lotus Notes mail migration
Sep. 02
Convert Lotus Notes’ nsf files to mbox with nlconverter
Aug. 25
How-to fix Lotus Notes’ disabled TCPIP port error
Aug. 19
Maildir deduplication script in Python
Aug. 12
Midnight in Paris: on-set photos of next Woody Allen movie
Aug. 10
QLC effects generator for LED panels
Aug. 03
Blocking e107 dDOS attack with fail2ban
Jul. 28
Exim commands
Jun. 25
How-to export/backup Lotus Notes mails
Jun. 16
Subversion commits and mail activity stream in iCalendar
Jun. 09
Commit history reconstruction with Git
Jun. 02
Le Duc live at Happy Farm Fest 2010
May. 25
How I initialize my Git repositories
May. 21
Canon EOS 7D Movie Samples
May. 18
Feeds updated!
May. 12
Lotus Notes’ Rich Text to MIME conversion error
May. 05
How-to fix bad commit authorship in Git
Apr. 26
Setup a lightweight IMAP server on Mac OS X Leopard with Dovecot
Apr. 19
My PuTTY profile template
Apr. 15
Subversion commands
Apr. 14
Optical illusion: circles in motion (SVG source included)
Mar. 26
Web commands
Mar. 26
OpenSSH commands
Feb. 28
System & Shell commands
Feb. 26
MySQL commands
Feb. 25
Twitter search failed… :(
Feb. 23
How-to fork a CVS project with Git
Feb. 21
Git commands
Feb. 20
Cool Cavemen live at Gayant Expo, part II.
Feb. 15
I know what you did last saturday…
Feb. 12
How-to configure GRUB in (k)Ubuntu
Feb. 09
Light Painting session II
Feb. 06
Google AdWords: bon de r√©duction de 75‚ā¨¬†offert¬†!
Jan. 28
Cool Cavemen live at Gayant Expo: first video released!
Jan. 14
Remove videotape timecode
Jan. 07
New Year’s Eve Light Painting
Nov. 27
How-to import a Maildir++ folder to Kmail
Nov. 24
Sapphire v0.4 style for wordpress K2 theme
Aug. 18
Amarok 1.4.7 for Mandriva 2007.1
Aug. 12
System backup script: no more endless lock
Jul. 05
Amarok 1.4.6 for Mandriva 2007.1
Jul. 05
Mandriva 2007.1 RPMs for x86_64 arch.
Jun. 16
Sapphire 0.3 for K2 Wordpress Theme
Jun. 07
Wordpress 2.2 Security Hole: Identity Theft
Jun. 02
How-to launch a KDE Application in Another Language
May. 27
FeedBurner and e107 integration
May. 14
Location of RPM Macros files in Mandriva
May. 14
Interreta Televidilo for Mandriva 2007.1
May. 11
e107 to WordPress v0.8: import images and preferences
Apr. 27
System Backup: Auto-Clean and Lock added
Apr. 20
How-to Backup / Mirror a public SVN repository
Apr. 19
Sapphire v0.2 for K2
Apr. 17
How-to Block Ads in Konqueror
Apr. 09
System Backup on Unreliable Link thanks to rdiff-backup and rsync
Apr. 08
How-to grow any Qemu system image
Apr. 07
SVK 2.0 for Mandriva 2007.0
Apr. 07
KDEnlive 0.4 for Mandriva 2007.0
Mar. 30
Qemu 0.9 for Mandriva 2007
Mar. 25
Website Backup Script: MySQL dumps and SSH supported.
Mar. 23
Ultimate Regular Expression for HTML tag parsing with PHP
Mar. 21
Sapphire style for K2 Wordpress theme
Mar. 08
e107 to WordPress v0.7: support Categories and Private Pages
Mar. 07
How-to Recover a RAID array after having Zero-ized Superblocks
Feb. 28
Repository Moved thanks to Apache and 301 Redirections
Feb. 14
My First Wordpress Patch!
Feb. 10
Delayed CD Tracks Publishing with PHP
Feb. 08
Amarok 1.4.5 RPMs for Mandriva 2007
Jan. 27
Quick How-To: Install NFS Server & Client
Jan. 11
Comment Ouvrir un Bo√ģtier / Disque Dur Externe¬†SilverTouch¬†?
Jan. 02
Mandriva 2007.0 Screenshots: 3D Desktop
Dec. 27
All my command lines
Dec. 27
Rugg 0.2.3 for Mandriva 2007
Dec. 25
Website Backup Script Updated: Take Care of Hidden Files now.
Dec. 20
Image Processing commands
Dec. 13
PDF commands
Dec. 13
Text, Date & Document processing commands
Dec. 11
How-To fix UTF-8 Issues on Mandriva 2007 Upgrade
Dec. 06
Hardware commands
Dec. 03
Grisbi 0.5.9 for Mandriva 2007
Nov. 29
RPM, Urpmi & Yum commands
Nov. 28
Amarok 1.4.4 for Mandriva 2007: MusicBrainz Repaired!
Nov. 27
Wordpress to e107 v0.6: Better Content Rendering and Extended News support
Nov. 22
i18n / l10n commands
Nov. 20
Wordpress to e107 v0.5: Static Pages Import added
Nov. 15
CVS commands
Nov. 15
New CD Jewel Case Template ready to Print!
Nov. 13
Diva for Mandriva 2007: latest SVN revision.
Nov. 13
Wordpress to e107 v0.4: now with Comments Import
Nov. 08
Video commands
Nov. 02
Website Backup script: Incremental Backup feature added.
Nov. 01
Audio commands
Oct. 31
Amarok 1.4.4 for Mandriva 2007
Oct. 30
Website Backup script: New Version Save you Disk Space.
Oct. 29
Find Duplicate Files in a Folder
Oct. 29
Samsung Q35 XIC-5500 : Tiny Review of a Strong Compact Laptop.
Oct. 25
CD Burning commands
Oct. 22
Mandriva 2007 is out!
Oct. 18
‚ÄėUseful Commands:¬†Introduction‚Äô
Oct. 18
Archives commands
Oct. 18
File Management commands
Oct. 12
Old Site to Blog: Merge in Progress
Sep. 26
CD Templates for Jewel Case in SVG
Sep. 16
Location of Kopete Emoticons
Sep. 15
How to Convert a Png image to a Website Icon (favicon)
Sep. 11
e107 to Wordpress: v0.3 add user import
Sep. 06
Amarok 1.4.3 for Mandriva 2006 with MySQL support
Sep. 03
e107 to Wordpress Importer: v0.2 with bbcode support
Aug. 31
Konqueror config file: disable menu bar
Aug. 29
Ajouter une entrée Jack universelle sur un téléphone Sagem my700Xi
Aug. 28
Amarok 1.4.2 final for Mandriva 2006
Aug. 25
How to Publish .php files as Plain Text
Aug. 24
e107 to Wordpress Importer: Alpha version
Aug. 24
e107 to Wordpress Migration: Here is Why.
Aug. 22
Extract All Frames of a Video as Jpeg Images
Aug. 20
Blog Theme Update
Aug. 19
You installed Amarok from my RPMs and can’t play some files? Here is the fix…
Aug. 19
Amarok 1.4.2-beta1 for Mandriva 2006
Aug. 19
Tor for Mandriva 2006.0
Aug. 18
Basic lftp Usage
Aug. 02
How to wake up early, the geekest way
Jul. 29
Amarok 1.4.1 for Mandriva 2006
Jul. 28
Why kqemu doesn’t do its job?
May. 26
Amarok plug-in
May. 19
How-to Install Sun’s Java for Firefox on your Mandriva 2006
May. 15
Grisbi 0.5.8 added to my repository
May. 11
New Mandriva RPM for the v0.2.2 Rugg release
May. 06
A bunch of Python scripts
May. 01
I finally will be able to sleep quietly…
May. 01
How-to locally Disable Python CGI scripts.
Apr. 30
Script to Automate FTP site Backup.
Apr. 29
Bad FTP mirrors with fmirror or wget? Use lftp!
Apr. 23
Mandriva 2006.0 rpms: amarok, qemu, kqemu and baghira updated.
Apr. 17
Rugg 0.2.1 RPM package for Mandriva 2006.0
Apr. 13
New Repository for Mandriva 2006
Apr. 10
A/V sync problems: VLC better than Mencoder